Interview with the Vampire Steampunk Demondaz...

...Tales of a Dark Miscreant.

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The Reverend Demondaz
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London Vampire Lifestyler (means I do the dressing up but dont bite people - unless I really like them and they want me to). Aspiring writer, model and day-job as a printer. I have travelled and holidayed in a wide variety of destinations including Jamaica, Thailand, Hong Kong, Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia, Egypt and most recently Romania/Transylvania (and I have a pasport to rival Howard Marks). I still want to walk to Inca Trail and along the Great Wall of China and many other things besides.

I like doing compositions on Photoshop

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And also like to mess around in front of cameras in the name of art and modelling. Here's my full collection, including my portfolio and lots of fun shots:

80's music, 80s horror films, alfred hitchcock, altporn, ancient egypt, archaeology, art, art galleries, baroque, bats, bauhaus, bdsm, black mass, blood, bondage, bram stoker, burlesque, camden, carry on screaming, castles, cats, cemetaries, chains, christoper lee, clannad, clubbing, creative writing, dancing, david bowie, dead and buried, dracula, dragons, edward sissorhands, erotica, fantasy, fetish, ghost of lemora, gigs, gore, gormengast, goth, goth make-up, gothic architecture, gothic art, gothic clothing, gothic literature, gothic rock, graphic design, graveyards, hammer horror, hearses, heavy metal, history, horror, horror films, hot women, hourglass figures, imagination, industrial, johnny depp, kate bush, kim harrison, lacuna coil, latex, leather, literature, london, london after midnight, long hair, lvg, makeup, manga, marilyn manson, mausoleums, modelling, monty python, museums, music., musicals, mythology, myths & legends, neil gaiman, new romantics, nine inch nails, paganism, pain, pale skin, photoshop, pirates of the carribean, porn, pretty girls, psychology, punk, pvc, rammstein, reading, rocky horror show, roleplay, s&m, salvador dali, salvation, sandman, satanic sluts, sci-fi, science fiction, sex, sexy girls, shakespeare, sin city, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, slimelight, south park, spooky things, stately homes, stephen king, strong alcohol, sword fighting, swords, tea, tenebrae, the clash, the crow, the cure, the mission, the pre-raphaelites, the princess bride, theatre, theatres des vampires, thinking, tim burton, travel, type o negative, vampire films, vampirism, vampyre connexion, vampyres, victoriana, vodka, whipping, whisky, whitby, witchcraft, withnail and i, writing, zombies

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